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Review of THE ESCHATOLOGICAL DOG by Dean J. Baker

There is no escape like reading! What about reading about what one may …
By Resa mcConaghy on August 8, 2015
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Delightful? A few poems are. Poignant they all remain, & dog me.
With his one-of-a-kind poetry style, Dean trains his unique eye on the end of the world, or of humankind, death, the destiny of humanity, the Second Coming & Judgment.
There is no escape like reading! What about reading about what one may never escape from? Dean’s words took me into that darkening day. He used the color of meaning to paint the way. Yet, I never felt like running from it. I wanted to remain, to hear what the poet, writer, musician had to say about the decay, and mores.
Dean’s words string true, even if they bite you. Might as well face the music he presents, it feels healthy. Dog is God backwards, but I have a feeling Dean knew this when tempting us with his title. So, be tempted! It is a book worth reading.


©Dean J. Baker

The Eschatological Dog – 150 pages https://www.createspace.com/4981330

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Dean J. Baker’s ‘Silence Louder Than A Train’


‘Silence Louder Than A Train’ – the title hooked me. The book is a collection of sublime words expressed in poetic form. What I particularly liked is that this book, unlike many within its genre is not a tedious self-indulgent confessional. Not at all.
Here we have a combination of pieces that observe life and love, question the human condition and scatter well-conceived, thought provoking opinions. It is this variety when taken as a whole that gives the book its feeling of completeness.

It is a rare thing when ‘variety’ and ‘completeness’ walk hand in hand yet they do so here. That is what makes the book rather special in my opinion.

Dean J. Baker’s words are those of an artist ‘on top of his game.’ I cannot recommend this book enough.

Silence Louder Than A Train – 94 pages, 10.99 https://www.createspace.com/4612663

ebook http://www.amazon.com/Silence-Louder-Than-Train-Baker-ebook/dp/B00ILZGN5C/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid=

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Review of SILENCE LOUDER THAN A TRAIN, by Dean J. Baker


Among some of the blogs I follow is that of Dean J. Baker, and having read and often enjoyed a lot of his work (though not always fully appreciated, often having to read through previous comments for some of the meaning – my understanding and appreciation of poetry still being somewhat limited), I thought I’d jump in at the deep end read/review his book, ‘Silence Louder Than A Train’, for no other reasons than the title and liking the cover (possibly something to do with working in the railway industry – I know, totally illogical, and no, the book has nothing to do with trains or the railway). Whilst still being no expert, I did nonetheless enjoy it for the greater part.


Silence Louder Than A Train 102 pages

“A bold and refreshing approach to modern poetry, one that breaks the rules when necessary and yet conforms when it suites. Highly recommended…
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Silence Louder Than A Train, by Dean J. Baker  

by Mike Steeden

(Available in print & eBook formats from Amazon and from Dean J. Baker’s blog)

The title alone is enough to pique the reader’s interest. Who among us cannot remember a time when silence alone didn’t ring in our ears as loud as thunder?

This anthology by Dean J. Baker is as diverse in style as it is in its subject matter. One of the aspects I liked most was the complete absence of predictability; written in two parts, the author writes of love and its tribulations, of the noble and often not-so-noble aspects of the human condition, of the turmoil of the creative process, and of his views and opinions of life and the people and society about him.

In terms of style, in some of the poems there is only the slightest and almost imperceptible homage to rhyme and alliteration, and yet it’s there nonetheless. In others he simply allows the words themselves to speak their meaning, almost in seeming abandonment of traditional poetic verse and structure – and still it works.

If all the reader is looking for in a poetry anthology are the poetic ramblings of someone trying to impress with their command of language or a gently rolling stream of consciousness then this probably isn’t it; but for poignant and thought provoking insight and new ideas, one would be hard pressed to do better than Dean J. Baker’s ‘Silence Louder Than A Train.’

A bold and refreshing approach to modern poetry, one that breaks the rules when necessary and yet conforms when it suites. Highly recommended…

©Dean J. Baker